3 thoughts on “Bank on It

  1. Love it! And the purse contents cracked me up. Emergency cash infusions? No worries. Sign her up for her own debit card. That’s a little tip I got from Kara, and it’s worked great with my kids. I now do automatic deposits of their allowance to their checking and savings accounts. The only downside is that I can’t raid their piggy banks anymore when I don’t have a tip for the pizza man. 😉

  2. I LOVE this! Mom and I were just talking about this when I was out there. Does Sarah get an allowance? If so how much? Does she do chores? LOVE the purse and the fake glasses take the cake. HILARIOUS!!!

    • Yes- Sarah gets $3 a week if we remember. And basically, we tell her she needs to help around the house but especially focus on keeping her room clean. I know- I was totally blown away by her bag. She packed it up all by herself! Hilarious.

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