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Sarah stayed home from school for two days this week with a fever/cough/stomach ache.  Her illness has thrown a wrench in my daily routine and instead of my usual errands, classes with Katie, etc., we have been housebound….and watching A LOT of television.  While I am ever grateful that we live in an age where there are at least 5 stations with cartoons on all day, every day, I do take issue with some of the content of children’s programming…

Shows with animals in human clothing:  It’s not that I object to animals wearing clothing, that’s fine…weird, but fine.  However, is too much to ask for some consistency?  If one character in the show is all dressed up, so should everyone else.  Otherwise, are we to assume that the undressed characters are all running around naked?  Is the animal world clothing optional?  Don’t the other animal characters care that their friends are prancing around in their birthday suits?  I am deeply disturbed by this.

The mom is dressed like an Amish person but Little Bear is completely naked...around food. Gross. I have no idea why the human girl is there...maybe they are going to eat her for lunch?

Franklin the Turtle wears a jaunty cap and scarf but his friends are in various states of (un)dress. And really, would this crowd hang out with the Snail? I don't think so.

Frumpy Moms:  Growing up, I remember the cartoon moms being somewhat snazzy and savvy.  Think Wilma Flintstone in her pristine white (a mom wearing white?  Now that’s BOLD!) one-shoulder mini dress or Betty Rubble in her blue halter top number.  Or Jane Jetson in her short purple A-line dress with the triangle collar punching up the evening’s dinner order from her automatic kitchen and greeting George after a hard day at the office toiling for Mr. Spacely.  But what do I see now?  Frumpy, worn, haggard moms with absolutely no sense of style.  Moms who have clearly thrown in the towel.  Is this how society sees us?  Worse yet- is this how our children see us?

Calliou's Mom: Ruffle collared shirt, primary colors, and a headband! I bet those pants are elastic waist too. Someone give this woman a makeover.

MIA Parents:  There are those shows that, while the parents are not the main characters, you know they are around.  They may pop into the room to check in on the kids.  Or you hear their voices offscreen asking a question.  But there is one show in which the parents who don’t exist at all.  Max and Ruby, for those of you are who unfamiliar, are brother and sister bunnies who seemingly live entirely on their own.  They occupy a large house and although a picture of their parents hang in the living room, they never make an appearance.  Like NEVER.  Holidays, birthdays, shopping for clothes, buying groceries, or even just dinner— it’s Max and Ruby on their own.  Are the parents dead?  If they are, why are the kids living alone?  Have they been emancipated by the bunny court system? And it’s not as though adults are not around.  Max and Ruby’s Grandma lives just down the street and routinely helps out.  And believe me, I’m not the only nutcase wondering about this.  There are whole webpages devoted to this very topic….go ahead, do the Google.

Ruby helping Max go to bed. I'm fine with latch-key kids but I have to draw the line here. Where is Bunny Social Services when you need them?!

Max and Ruby decorating their own Christmas tree sans any parental guidance. Alone at the holidays! If Ruby weren't so annoyingly bossy, I'd feel much more sorry for these two.

Thankfully, Sarah is back at school and I can return to my own quality TV programming…like Doomsday PreppersSeriously, check it out.  I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or build a bunker.  What I do know is that when one prepper filtered his own urine to make it into drinkable “water” and had his WIFE DRINK IT OUT OF A WINE GLASS,  I could not tear my eyes away.  Now that’s damn good television.  Happy viewing everyone!


2 thoughts on “TV Guide

  1. We never watched Calliou, but I have wondered the same thing about Little Bear and was completely distracted by the lack of parental presence on Max and Ruby. And then you know… It took me a few episodes to realize that Max never talks. Seriously? What is up with that show, and why do children like it? And more importantly why have we spent so much time analyzing cartoons? 😉 Glad that Sarah is feeling better!

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