A Room of One’s Own

The thing about being a stay at home mom is that nothing stays the same…I know, I am so profound for one so young(ish).  To continue: just when you think you have the little munchkin figured out and are settled into a routine that requires minimal drinking during daylight hours, they throw a wrench the size of Connecticut into your happy little schedule and leave you reeling.  I find myself in such a predicament as I navigate a frightening new world in which Katie refuses to nap.

Here’s the deal. Yes, it is a sad, sad day for many stay at home parents once a child stops napping.  Our mid-day break is snatched away from us and the transition period from one nap to no nap can be brutal.  There are a lot of tears, screaming, tantrums, and gnashing of teeth….and the kids don’t handle it any better either.  When my oldest, Sarah, started giving up her afternoon nap a few months after turning 3, I was distraught.  The silver lining was that she was at least old enough to understand the concept of staying in her room for a “quiet time.”  After some “training” (which usually involved threats of no dessert that evening), I could usually count on 45 minutes to an hour of solitude which was of course interspersed with potty breaks and more threats of no dessert.  Not as great as a nap, but I adjusted and my sanity, for the most part, remained intact.

But Katie, at a little over 2 years old, has no such comprehension of what “quiet time” means or why she must stay sequestered in her room.  Most days, she comes out of her room after approximately 3.5 minutes to announce that room time is “OH-VAH MOMMY!” On the very rare days I can get her to stay in her room for more than 15 minutes, I find that my 2 year old has been replaced by an F5 tornado.  Someone call FEMA.

Let’s go in for a closer look, shall we?  Notice that all toy baskets have been pulled out and there is crap EVERYWHERE.  I can only assume this was a direct and vindictive rebuttal to me and my admonitions to “get out your toys!” Well played Katie, well played.

Littlest Pet Shop scattered with Melissa & Doug magnetic dress-up dolls and Calico Critters accessories.  Why do they make kid’s toys so teeny tiny with so many pieces??? WHY?!
And in this corner, a whole box of Kleenex, deflowered.
And the perpetrator herself greets me with a smile and no pants.
So, I have to weigh my options.  Is it worth the 15 minutes of quiet I get to spend another 15 minutes cleaning up her disaster zone of a room? Sigh. I just don’t know.  I know it will get better and this too shall pass…the mantra of SAHM’s everywhere that keep us from tearing out our hair in clumps and sobbing quietly while we wait in the carpool line.  In the mean time, I’ll be buying my wine in bulk.

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