Letter of the Day

Oh dear readers, I cannot believe it but Sarah has only THREE days of Kindergarten left.  How did the school year pass so quickly?  And how is it that very very soon, I will be the mother of a first-grader-to-be?  It is simultaneously thrilling and oh-so sad to me.

Sarah had a wonderful year and I have truly loved watching her thrive at school.  One of the absolute best things that has come from this year is her love of reading and writing.  Reading is one of my passions and I am using this blog to explore another passion, writing.  It is amazing to see Sarah spread her own wings and share my enthusiasm.  One of the more tangible products of her newfound knowledge is all the notes she has been writing to herself, to me, her dad, her sister, and even the dog.  Here’s a compilation of some of her missives from the last 9 months….

How can I not forgive her when an apology comes so sweetly and so sincerely?  I especially love the extra “so’s” and the red hearts.  I can’t remember what the transgression was but whatever it was, my heart melted when I saw this:

One day I woke up with this next to my bed.  Hmmm…who could my “secret admirer” possibly be??

When I got home from a trip with some girlfriends in February, I found this very sweet letter on the mudroom bench.  I especially love the drawing of California.  And apparently, the state is under attack from some large lizard like creature:

One night, when I was feeling a little under the weather, Sarah even created a “coupon” for me.  Nice of my boss to give me some time off, don’t you think?

But lest you think she is using her wisdom all for good, let’s look at this note that she wrote for her teacher.  Backstory: she had been begging us all year to ride the bus.  We kept telling her no, and apparently, she felt it was time to take matters into her own hands.  It is the first of what I assume will be many forgeries to come.  I especially love how she signed the note “Jane” and not “Mom.”  And her spelling is flawless.  She’s a tricky one.

Finally, this isn’t a note to me but a page I found in her room while cleaning.  She writes several “notes to self” but the text in blue absolutely killed me: Note to self, you can cry for good because you love someone very much,  like me today.  Oh Sarah, I know exactly how you feel.


8 thoughts on “Letter of the Day

  1. Those notes are just priceless!! Time does go so fast especially when you have kids. Giada’s preschool teacher said it best at her graduation, “Cherish the good days and the bad, because soon they will all blend together and turn out to be the best days of your life.” I was bawling like a baby! It is fun to see them grow, but so sad at the same time. love ya. Heidi

  2. Just read Heidi’s note and that teacher is SO right:) wish I had kept alot more of my children’s pictures and writings. They certainly are priceless. Love how you incorporated them into the blog. GREAT writing. MIL

    • Thanks 🙂 Sarah is reading SO well these days….chapter books and everything. I can’t wait to get her started on my favorites– Anne of Green Gables, Little House books, Ramona, Charlotte’s Web…SO many!

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