Wake Up Call

I don’t know what’s worse– the shrill ring of the alarm clock or having your two-year old grab your iPhone in the early morning hours and try her hand at portrait photography.   Now I know why I am getting that giant Grand Canyon of a furrow between my eyebrows that makes me look perpetually constipated.  How am I supposed to “relax” while sleeping when at any moment, something like this can happen?  I don’t know of any other job where the boss comes into your bedroom to haul your butt out of bed and to demand breakfast…and to change their diaper.


2 thoughts on “Wake Up Call

  1. I love that Katie is only 2 and can use your iPhone. Ally used to wake me up almost every morning by leaning in until her face was a centimeter from mine and then loudly whispering, “BREFUST!” If Katie can work your iPhone, maybe you can teach her to use the toaster too! Kidding, of course. 🙂

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