Father Knows Best

Father’s Day is this Sunday and as the day approaches, I’d like to take this opportunity to enumerate why I am so appreciative of my own husband:

1. Whenever the girls (or even the dog) throw up, he is always the one to clean it up.

2. He takes the girls into the big swimming pool, ensuring that I don’t have to submerge myself in water unless absolutely necessary.

3. He opens a bottle of wine whenever I ask…and sometimes even when I don’t, but clearly am in need of it.

4. He is the quicker thinker during emergencies. I look like a lobotomized deer in the proverbial headlights, but he always knows what to do and directs me into action.

5. He always dives off the diving board in the goofiest and most awkwardly contorted flips and somersaults which guarantees a gleeful laugh from the girls and the inevitable lower back pain for him later in the evening.

6. He never questions my liberal use of babysitters.

7. Or my credit card bill.

8. Or my propensity to eat out for lunch.

9. He finally learned how to cook scrambled eggs this past year and has been serving up “Dad’s Famous Eggs” ever since. Coupled with his recently acquired bacon cooking skills, he can actually put together a whole meal all by himself- a first in the 14 years I’ve known him.

10. He always takes petting zoo duty.

11. He is always supportive of my need for some “me time” via moms’ night outs, trips with girlfriends, or an emergency therapeutic visit to the nail salon. You think I’m batty now– imagine me with no time off at all!

12. He dutifully hands over they keys to his vehicle when the thought of driving my minivan one minute longer curdles my insides as though my organs have been bathed in battery acid.

13. He takes the girls to play golf, ski, play tennis, and other physical activities where perspiration may occur. Sloth, thy name is Jane.

14. He walks our third and most neglected child (our dog Ellie) almost everyday, even in subzero temperatures with the very real possibility that he could lose his nose to frostbite.

15. No matter what the hour, he checks on the girls every night before he goes to bed, tucking them in, straightening out their tangled limbs, fluffing pillows, and rearranging blankets.

16. And in Sarah’s words, “Dad is the best because he brings me Starbursts whenever I want.” Indeed, who can compete with that?

Thank you to my wonderful husband and the father of our beautiful girls. I hope all you dads out there have a stellar Father’s Day. And Happy Father’s Day to my own dad– I LOVE YOU!!


6 thoughts on “Father Knows Best

  1. Jane! I’m finally caught up on this… haha. Shared many laughs reading “Wake Up Call” and “Letter of the Day” to Mom and Dad the other night (man, I feel like Sarah will be driving by the time I see her again… she’s growing up sooo fast). Chris, though I don’t voice this, I think it often… thank you so much for being such a wonderful father to Sarah and Katie, and for taking such great care of my sister! I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job than you. You have been an amazing blessing to our entire family and I truly thank God for bringing you into our lives. I won’t be so mushy in person so don’t feel too awkward the next time we see each other, ok? Haha. Happy Father’s Day!

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