Kids Say the Darndest Things

Another crazy week is underway here and I’m still looking for ways to “cheat” on my entries. I was thumbing through my journal with quotes from our girls and thought I’d assemble the “best of” for this week’s blog.  So, because I did not write any words of my own last night, I turn to the words of my darling children…enjoy.

On the Space-Time Continuum

“I’ll be back in 5 seconds.  Count to 20.” – Sarah

On Gender Roles

“Oh- I thought only boys had to go to work.” – Sarah

On Historical Events

When Osama Bin Laden was killed, my sister-in-law KC, a government teacher in California, and her class were featured in a news segment on their local television station.  I let Sarah watch the part with KC talking with her students.

Sarah: Why is Auntie KC on tv?

Me:  Well, something important happened and the people on the news want to know what she thinks about it.

Sarah: (After a half second pause) Do they know I have a loose tooth?

On Historical Events, Part 2

When I tried to explain who Martin Luther King Jr. was, Sarah took it all in and then asked:

“Was he married to Martin Luther Queen?”

On Relativity

“Why are your boobs so big?”- Sarah (I measure in at a whopping 32A, folks….most men have bigger breasts than I do)

On the Wonders of the Human Body

“Mommy, did you put on your boobs today?” – Katie

On Fashion

Why are you wearing your bathrobe?”- Sarah, after seeing me in my brand new white cashmere cardigan

“Mommy, you wearing towel?” – Katie, after seeing me in an especially fuzzy fleece sweatshirt

On Body Image

“Mom, Max (her imaginary friend) told me that I’m fat.”  – Sarah

On the Aging Process

As she tried on my strappy metallic wedges, “Mom, how old do these make me look? Do they make me look seven?” – Sarah

On Self-Control

“Did you pee pee in your bed too?” – Sarah (After seeing Chris changing our sheets)

On the Food Chain

Sarah: Mom, what are we having for dinner?

Me: Pork.

Sarah’s Friend: What’s cork?

Sarah: Not CORK, PORK…like, you know, from a chicken.

I’m not one to keep journals but I couldn’t resist this one. A great way to document all those words of wisdom from our babes.


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