Peaceable Kingdom

Like a wildlife photographer from National Geographic stalking the Serengeti plains, I crept upon my subjects with ninja-like silence.  I held my breath and slowly raised my camera to capture the moment before it slipped away.  I debated whether I should even try to take the shot, but if I didn’t, who would believe it actually happened?  I could hardly believe it myself.  I decide to take my chances, set my iPhone to silent mode, and quickly snap this stunner:

Yes, a picture of my girls actually sitting together in peace!!!  Katie listens rapturously to Sarah as she reads to her from a Dora book.  And I am so elated at this rare display of sisterly love, that I let out a little squeak.  And just like that, the moment is lost:

I’ve been spotted.  The girls returned to their usual banshee antics but I know that for one fleeting second, they were quiet and happy.  And perhaps maybe one day, they will be so again.  Until then, I have these pictures to sustain me.


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