Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

In case you missed it last night, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots performed with Mariah Carey on perhaps my all time favorite Christmas song (Contemporary Non-Religious Category), “All I Want For Christmas is You” which is featured in perhaps one of my all time favorite movies (Christmas/Romantic Comedy/Feel Good Categories), “Love Actually.”  If this doesn’t put a smile on your face this morning, I don’t know what will.  Not sure how they could have made it any better…maybe more cowbell?


2 thoughts on “Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

  1. Jane, that was EXCELLENT. That is also my favorite song and I love the movie. But, I had to laugh at the…. more cowbell. If you are free the 18th lets have lunch. Suzanne


  2. I LOVE IT!!! LOVE Jimmy Fallon too. Sadly I can’t stay up that late anymore. So, I am sooo happy you shared that. Definitely put a HUGE smile on my face. She sings my favorite song..Jesus oh what a wonderful child.

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